Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Pasta Bingo November 29th

On Saturday November 29th, Council 11098 held their second "Pasta and Bingo Night".

The event offered a delicious pasta dinner, some live entertainment and a fun night of bingo helping the Knights raise money for their local charities.

                                                       Brother Brian's Culinary Skills

The guests were presented with an ensemble of some different genres of music from Bryan and Paul Bertrand.  "Father & Son" Their music consisted of a set of pop, folk, soft rock, country and gospel.

                                                        Young Bryan Bertrand Keeps the Beat

The main event was 12 games of Bingo which made some lucky winners take home not only a full tummy but $375 of prize money.

                                                         Some of our Bingo Players

Council 11098 thanks all Brother Knights who helped make the event a success and a special thank you to all our supporting attendees.  The next Bingo will be held January 31st.

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